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Should I make this small investment?

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There is a local used tire warehouse in the town where I live and after hearing everyone rave about how good of a tire you can get I decided to check it out. They had a set of 265/75/17 BFG AT KO with 30% left on the tread for $30 a tire put on. I'm not normally an avocate of buying used tires because you dont know who had them and how they were taken care of ? I really want a set BFG's but don't have $800 plus being I have a one month old at the house or at least I shouldn't spend the 800 +
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if you need tires desperately then it's a good deal. I would not buy used tires, but i'm not in your shoes. I have a 2 month old and can relate to costs of a child. It sounds as though you just like the looks of BFG ATs... calculate the cost of loss of MPGs and not knowing the history, i'd pass even on $30 a tire.
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