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Should I make this small investment?

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There is a local used tire warehouse in the town where I live and after hearing everyone rave about how good of a tire you can get I decided to check it out. They had a set of 265/75/17 BFG AT KO with 30% left on the tread for $30 a tire put on. I'm not normally an avocate of buying used tires because you dont know who had them and how they were taken care of ? I really want a set BFG's but don't have $800 plus being I have a one month old at the house or at least I shouldn't spend the 800 +
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I have also been considering taking the spare out from under the truck and buying 3 bfg long trails.I just don't like the look of them that much. I was told that the longtrails were not designed to run the black wall out. The comment about the clearanvce, wouldn't I only lose 5mm of clearance? That shouldn't rub should it? I don't think I'm going to do it just because my wife drives my truck some and who knows what factor is still in there. Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy bfg at ko's online?
The tire I was looking at was a 70 series tires . I have always been under the impression that the 265 is the with and the 70 is the distance from the rim cut out to the top of the tire in milimeters. I may completely wrong
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