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Should I just flip a coin?

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I have been contemplating about getting a new radio with aux or a leveling kit and camber bolts. What would u guys recommend?
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Hmm thats a toughy:) I decided to do the suspension before getting a new headunit.

But if you decide to go with the leveling kit, Ive got 2" PRG spacers Im going to sell if your interested.
Ill sell them to you for $100 plus shipping. They wont come with the bump stops because I had to keep them on when I replaced them with coilovers.

BUT I if you give Greg a call at PRG he may very well send you some for free.

When I was planning on getting coilovers I had called him about getting some radflos to replace the spacers, and he said that he would send me all new hardware plus new PRG stickers for free so when I sold them it would be almost like getting brand new ones.

I cant say enough about PRG, they are absolutely awesome!

But long story short, I ended up going with 2.5 Icons from prerunner parts, which Im kinda/sorta regretting.
lol but your current radio works.
Yeah that was my philosophy :) I did the suspension first, and just used a $15 FM transmitter for my ipod until I got a new headunit
Loopout, the reason Ive been kinda regretting the Icons are because after talking with Greg, I have a feeling I may have been happier with radflos.

According to him the radflos have longer springs, so if youre trying to get 3" of lift out of them, the springs are not compressed so much when you crank it down, making them ride a little stiff.

I was pretty happy with how they rode when they came preset at 2", but once I cranked them down to get the 3" I just felt that they rode a little to stiff. Its not terrible by any means, but Im mostly just curious to know if the radflos ride better when set at 3".
Barcin, heres some pics of the spacers if youre interested.

I never used the sticker :)
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sweet:) what did you go with?
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