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i absolutely hate the stock shocks that are in my frontier and im looking at dropping in either Rancho RS5000 or Billstein 5100s. Im all stock suspension with 2 inches of a tbar crank. Anybody who has either of them care to share their experiences? I cant make up my mind and im trying to see if a few tips can sway me one way or another. On road ride dosen't bother me much, my s10 had aal and it rode like garbage, so anything is nice compared to it.
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Well I am glad to hear the Ranchos are working out Peewee.... I made the switch from Ranchos to Bilsteins and noticed a diffrence. The road mannerisms are much better, it makes sense that you get what you pay for. The Ranchos worked great off-road, but on road you felt all the little bumps. Since I do more highway travel now, this was starting to get to me, the Bilsteins defintly smoothed the ride alot and absorbs the bumps alot better than the Ranchos did. I just got back from a 1000 mile trip and am happy I made the switch, the ride was defintly alot smoother.
Are your Bilstein's the 5100's? All I can find for the 1st gen's are the HD's and they are around 150 bucks for two fronts, where-as the 5100's are 100 bucks. The only 5100's I've found are for 2nd gen frontiers.
These are the ones I am running....

I think you can only get HD's on the first gens, I am not sure though.
4x4 parts has some pretty good pricing and fast shipping, really great to work with, great service, check out their site, they should have what your looking for
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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