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i absolutely hate the stock shocks that are in my frontier and im looking at dropping in either Rancho RS5000 or Billstein 5100s. Im all stock suspension with 2 inches of a tbar crank. Anybody who has either of them care to share their experiences? I cant make up my mind and im trying to see if a few tips can sway me one way or another. On road ride dosen't bother me much, my s10 had aal and it rode like garbage, so anything is nice compared to it.
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I just installed some Rancho's on my truck that I bought from a member on here last week. I like them a whole lot, much better than the stockers with 156k on them. I have taken them off road very lightly but the ride so far is better on and off road. I have heard that Bilsteins are better than Rancho's and I don't doubt it but these are still an improvement over stock. I also have about 2" from cranking my torsion bars and the shocks I got are for 3" lift but will work fine. I plan on doing a real lift at some point, possibly later this summer, so I am not worried about having the 3" longer shocks.
The 3" shocks actually will give you more downtravel if I am not mistaken. I flexed my truck a little bit right after I put them on and the rear appeared to flex down more. I think my leaf springs were the only thing limiting wheel travel. Which makes sense since the shocks can lengthen three inches longer.
I'm glad you don't want them back :) I kinda destroyed a couple of my old ones taking them off. The roads around here are pretty rough in a lot of places and I do feel the bumps with these shocks but it is still a lot better than the stockers. I have only taken it off pavement with the Rancho's twice, very briefly, but they do feel much better off road.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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