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Hey, I have a 2002 Frontier XE 2.4l, and I was wondering what are the best shocks for everyday driving. I need shocks that give a smooth ride since I use my truck for work. I replaced my stock shocks with some cheap autozone ones and the ride is very bumpy. I was thinking about getting Bilstein's. Any suggetions? Thanks!
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Nothing much to add but I have a 2000 4x4 and need to replace shocks. It is not my primary anymore as I have a 2011 Pro4X. So my question... are the Monroe Maticplus shocks OK? In the last six years I have only put about 19,000 on the truck. It has 125,000 on it now and the original shocks have all but given up.
spend the money and go with bilstein. they provide a great ride and have lifetime Warranty on there parts.
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