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Hey, I have a 2002 Frontier XE 2.4l, and I was wondering what are the best shocks for everyday driving. I need shocks that give a smooth ride since I use my truck for work. I replaced my stock shocks with some cheap autozone ones and the ride is very bumpy. I was thinking about getting Bilstein's. Any suggetions? Thanks!
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Autozone had cheapies at $17 for the gabriel guardians. I went big-baller style with the $25 pro guards. They have a bigger piston than OE. I am actually surprised how big of a difference between the stockers w/ 103k miles on them. Really firmed up the ride without jiggling and shaking around. Not bad over bumps and whatnot, and since my truck is all stock suspension, 2wd, stock size tires, I probably don't need to say how much off-roading I do, but on the road they work great! I mean, I guess you can count dirt road as off road, in that case I go off road!! Haha

Gotta get my mom to fire up that old sewing machine and make me some curtains for that shell! Keep those tweakers' eyes off my stuff! =)
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