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Shock replacement

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I'm looking to get new shock for my 06 nismo 4x2. The ones on there are a little bouncy and I feel they'll be on their way out in due time. What seems to be the best shock for regular driving and offroad use (driving trails and mild climbing)?

I'm new to trucks and going UP is a baffling thought to me as I'm used to going DOWN with my 240sx's. I enjoy my stock ride height but I wouldnt mind going up a little. I presume I'd need more than just new shocks for this though?
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yes, my apologies on that. After posting I saw two other threads posted right around mine with basically the same topic.
The coilovers you mentioned that will give up to 4 inches. Do you need to replace any other parts along with them? I hear everyone talking about blocks and shackles and yadda yadda. I dont want a body lift if I were going to go up. But will coilovers ALONE lift the truck? I know on cars that coilovers alone will LOWER but then you have to get a camber kit if you dont want your wheels leaning to the side a bit and ruining your tires in 12,000-15,000 miles. Same idea? I'm not looking to spend 1000+ on suspension. It's not that important to me.
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