For sale is a complete set of five wheels and tires. I think the tires have about 10,000 miles on them. They show 14/32" of tread depth remaining. New is 18/32". Wheels are stock from a 2011 SV 4x4. 16x7" I think. +30mm offset. 6x114.3mm (4.5") lug pattern. They have pressure sensors in them which did work when I bought the truck (3-4 years ago), but I was never able to reprogram them properly with the cheap tool I bought from Amazon after I purchased the fifth wheel to have a matching set of five. I suspect the sensors are still good.

I've rotated them a couple times using the spare to ensure even wear.

These were the wheels and tires used on my truck before I took them off. I am going with a bigger size. Personally, I think these tires are great in a wide range of conditions. They are 3PMSF rated so they work really well in snow and they are great in mud and rocks as well. I've taken them to AOAA and Rausch Creek here in PA along with various state and national forests in PA, VA and WV and have never been disappointed with them. I've driven them in snow ranging from a light dusting to nearly deep and packed enough to high center the truck, but the tires have always performed well.

They show some wear and tear from being used off road. The tires have minor damage from rocks in the tread area. One tire has a superficial cut in the sidewall area, but it is minor and holds air fine. Two of the wheels do have scratches, but they would touch up nicely I think.

In new condition the tires are $310 - $320 right now.

I am selling the package complete. I couldn't take them to be unmounted if I wanted to. At $1200 that's about $50 per wheel and $200 per tire. Price is negotiable.

Thanks for looking.