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SES light but no codes from cheap scanner

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hello everyone, I need some advice. Here in my country it cost about $50 bucks get the codes pulled.
Few weeks ago I had SES light on, so I went get to codes pulled (p0400), reset the light and continue with my life, I check a few things related to the code and as I suspected the light went on again.
So since it is very expensive for me get the codes pulled I decided to bought this: Autel
It cost me like $40 shipped to my country so I tought it was a good deal.
The problem is that the scanner connects to the ECU reads a lot of info, Clears the SES light but it doesn't trow codes, it says NO CODES.

Any has used one of this scanner on his truck? any suggestion?

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A simple cheap thing to do is to disconnect the negative terminal and touch it to the positive, this will discharge the capacitors in the system. Then leave it unhooked over night and re-connect in the morning. If the code is a mistake, this should erase it.

Past that it may be worth investing in a real scanner.
thanks for the input, I turn off the SES light and reset the codes (I guess) with that cheap scanner.

Is it possible that the ECU set on the SES light by mistake?
The cheap scanner works, the SES light went on again after I turn it off with the scanner and this time I connected again and got codes.
p0400, same as the code reader from the shop where I take it the first time.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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