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Service Manual

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Just wondering if anyone anyone here has a link or knows where I might be able to get a service manual for a 05 Frontier? Nice to have when even changing the oil or transmission fluid, torque specs, etc.


I saw one on Ebay once but it was in Australia and I think the guy was scamming. It didn't look very authentic.
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05FRONTY said:
Echelon said:
Here ya go! You can either right click and save as or just click and open.
Thanks for the link but I have that one :D . Looking for the Service Manual similiar to Haynes or Chilton's.
if you ever find one let me know, i've looked everywhere for one.the service tecs at nissan said the only one you can get were on that $300 cd. haynes and chilton dont make one for 02 and up!
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