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Does anyone known if there exists a repair manual that covers 2001 Super Charged engines. Was crossing my fingers and hoping I didn't need to remove the super charger to replace the driver's side valve cover gasket.. seems like the procedure may be different from the naturally aspirated 3.3L... (hopefully, not harder)...if anyone has run into this and knows of any video or instructions, it would be greatly appreciated..
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You can do it without removing the supercharger; you have to remove the inlet assembly bolted to the driver's side of the supercharger. You'll need to replace gasket P/N 14465-5S700. If you need just the "engine mechanical" chapter, you can get that in the "knowledge base" at
Yes, two upstream converters and two downstream converters (I think Nissan refers to the rear converters as "front pipe assemblies").
So much for a good thing! has individual chapters of the FSM for a lot of vehicles in their knowledge base section. It doesn't have all of the chapters, but usually the most common ones, like engine control, engine mechanical, brakes...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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