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Service Engine light on

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Hey guys,

How much does the dealer charge to tell me why my Service Engine light is on? Or is there other options?

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Make NAPA feel sorry for ya and they might run outside and scan you up for free.

You can get yourself a USB OBD II adapter on ebay for pretty cheap, do all of your own diagnostics, most the time come with some pretty alright software.

Most shops wouldn't charge you much.

The most that a shop will be able to tell you is the code that your truck is throwing... mine right now has the check engine light on, the code it has is a P0420 for Catalytic converter problems. Nissans computer software ( called CONSULT) is made specifically for nissan's trucks and will allow a much more in depth and detailed electronic diagnostics...

I'd say get it checked by a local shop my napa or parts Plus, if they don't get ya for free, should be around $20 or so... takes them no time. Plug their handheld scanner in, hit scan, give you the code and what it means, they ask for $20. If it's a code that doesn't give much description and could be SEVERAL things causing the code to trip, THEN take it to nissan and pay the bucks.
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Cool, thanks Steve.

If you have a friend with a scanguage he can read it for you.
Sorry, don't have any friends...with a scanguage.
Costco has a code reader for $35 in their stores.

auto zone, pep boys and i believe advanced all do free code checks. you can also check the code yourself. the instructions are in the DIY section i believe.
If it just suddenly popped up like maybe got some fuel.... take off the gas cap and replace. My Titan did that several times and thats all I had to do.
Advanced does it for free!
Guys, thanks for all the suggestions, I'll be sure to check out some of the stores that will do it for free.

Kragen auto - - - bet it's your charcoal canister/fuel syst. emissions .

Mines been on since 14K and it now has 130K+ took it in under warrantee several times.:hi:
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