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Sensor Problem I need an adult

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Hey guys so I was very excited recently because I have 399,985 miles and can’t wait to see it hit the 4 but it got halted truck won’t crank at all and now I got a camshaft position sensor code so I swapped distributor still nothing I swap timing belt still nothin I check all fuses nothing I check the camshaft sensor plug I got power and ground and reference all work I check small 2 wire plug that both run to ignition module and cam sensor both have power I checked the ecu relay still won’t work I looked through main harness can’t see any bad wires battery is good I’m running out of things to test I’m praying to the Nissan gods it’s not the ecm
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I think to give us all a fair shot at helping with this diagnosis, you need to first tell us what happened at 399,985. Did it stall on you, or did you start working on it?

If it did stall out, did it crank when you tried restarting it?

If it didn't crank, how did you get to replacing the timing belt and distributor?

What did you find wrong that fixed your cranking issue?

I honestly think you need to get to the basics.

Does it have spark?
Does it have compression? Compression testers can be borrowed from auto parts stores.
When you replaced the timing belt, are you 100% sure you got everything lined up properly? When cranking, does it sound the same?
Same for the distributor, are you sure you got that clocked correctly when reinstalling?
Manuals are available for free here -
You should be able to find the section on how to install the distributor properly.
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So here’s my total recap when I hit 399,985 everything was working good I got home turned it off then later I went to go get some groceries and all the sudden no crank so I checked battery that was normal and I read codes my starter was fairly new so I didn’t suspect it code said camshaft position sensor which I read can block a starter signal so I changed distributor still had code so I thought maybe the timing belt jumped a tooth and tore it down and it looked good replaced belt anyway and made sure both cam gears and crank gear were lined up put it back together and no crank I still have code so I checked the plug it has power ground and 0 degree and 120 degree so I cleaned up grounds in the engine bay then I replaced my starter and it’ll crank now but not start I replaced my spark plugs my old ones were a little ugly looking and it’ll crank but won’t start I verified I had spark by putting each wire on a plug I rested on the intake manifold
At this point, I'd go to the auto parts store and borrow a compression tester to verify. Then, go over the section in the manuals I linked to make sure your timing is set properly after your distributor replacement. If these two things check out, then look at fuel next. I can't recall if these have a port for checking fuel pressure, but you should at least hear the fuel pump run when turning on the key. A little blast of brake cleaner or a little bit of gas behind the throttle plate should be enough to find out if it is lacking fuel.
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