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Sensor Problem I need an adult

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Hey guys so I was very excited recently because I have 399,985 miles and can’t wait to see it hit the 4 but it got halted truck won’t crank at all and now I got a camshaft position sensor code so I swapped distributor still nothing I swap timing belt still nothin I check all fuses nothing I check the camshaft sensor plug I got power and ground and reference all work I check small 2 wire plug that both run to ignition module and cam sensor both have power I checked the ecu relay still won’t work I looked through main harness can’t see any bad wires battery is good I’m running out of things to test I’m praying to the Nissan gods it’s not the ecm
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Yes, concentrate on the failure to crank condition FIRST.

The starter solenoid connects to the battery cable, plus a smaller light gauge wire. If you can hotwire a 12v jumper from the battery to that smaller wire, the starter will activate if it's any good.
Jump from the positive battery post. Or from the cable at the solenoid if you can reach it.
I'd put in neutral, and momentarily jump from the large positive terminal on the starter solenoid to the smaller terminal on the starter solenoid. If that doesn't spin the engine, tap on the starter a couple of times with a hammer and try again.

Jump start try from a different vehicle is also a good idea, assuming all electrical connections are good and clean.

Since the lights dim when you try to start, shows that the electrical part of the ignition switch is working.
If your distributor cap has wires properly installed, the rotor should be under #1 or #4, depending if the crankshaft is actually at TDC #1 or TDC #4.

I'm assuming 4-cylinder engine for XE model; 2.4L Engines Firing order: 1-3-4-2 Distributor rotation: Counterclockwise.
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