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Sensor Problem I need an adult

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Hey guys so I was very excited recently because I have 399,985 miles and can’t wait to see it hit the 4 but it got halted truck won’t crank at all and now I got a camshaft position sensor code so I swapped distributor still nothing I swap timing belt still nothin I check all fuses nothing I check the camshaft sensor plug I got power and ground and reference all work I check small 2 wire plug that both run to ignition module and cam sensor both have power I checked the ecu relay still won’t work I looked through main harness can’t see any bad wires battery is good I’m running out of things to test I’m praying to the Nissan gods it’s not the ecm
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It doesn't sound like a sensor issue. Have you checked the battery connection and vehicle grounds?
I just got new terminals installed and filed and cleaned up the ground located on the intake manifold everything else seems to be powered good do you by chance know exactly where it grounds
I don't. I'm new to these trucks. If you have a no crank condition that's where to start. I don't have a lot of info yet so I need to do more research.
Ahh gotcha well you’ll get many miles before you hit all the dumb stuff like this
Im gonna double check all the grounds I cleaned as many as I could I just wish I could find the exact ground I looked at a few diagrams that’s what led me to look at ecu sensor but I know the camshaft code can block the stater signal as a fail safe
When was the starter changed last?
I did the stater about
When was the starter changed last?
It was about 23,000 miles ago and a couple years it’s not too old but I got a pretty crazy oil leak on passenger side I cleaned the stater very good from oil should I get it tested possible when I turn the key all the lights come and I turn it to start and the go very slightly dim like normal when it cranks it just won’t crank
yeah I guess I possibly got a little overzealous with the code and didn’t focus on the no crank first I just assumed the signal was blocked from the code I’ll try the jumper and if still nothing I’ll take to autozone for the warranty
The purpose of jumping it is to test the starter without removing it.
If the starter jumps, it's good, and the problem is further back in the circuit.
I didn’t get to try and test it last night I will today after work I still had all the stuff yanked out from the timing belt job
Update stater spun motor did not so I assume the plunger is probably seized?
Possibly, or the teeth on the flywheel/flexplate are chewed off OR if it has a flexplate, it may have broken around where it bolts to the end of the crank. Bad starter is most likely, but you may want to take a look at the teeth and also try and move the engine using a prybar or large screwdriver on the flywheel/flexplate.
Flywheel good
Starter good
Motor cranked
Serpentine belt adjuster bolt break danced


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Going forward, if you cross the two large terminals on the solenoid, you are actually bypassing the solenoid, and it will spin the starter without cranking the engine.
If you apply 12v to the small wire instead, it will spin the starter and also push the starter gear into the flywheel/flexplate to get it cranking.
I ran a jumper from the battery to the starter while my wife looked at the crankshaft I didn’t know just crossing the terminals can do that
You gotta be careful when jumping the starter. If the key is on, the engine will start. If it's a manual transmission, it will start in gear. Also, an automatic transmission will start in gear.
Yeah that could be problematic lol also by chance anyone know where I can get that bolt I tried Napa and a couple hardware stores all said no dealer has a kit that has it for like 130
The truck cranks now but it won’t start
Pulled a plug they look kinda bad they have ash from oil in the chamber that’s normal I have bad piston rings
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I also need help with timing when the crankshaft is on the first notch 0 degrees where should the distributor rotor be?
If your distributor cap has wires properly installed, the rotor should be under #1 or #4, depending if the crankshaft is actually at TDC #1 or TDC #4.

I'm assuming 4-cylinder engine for XE model; 2.4L Engines Firing order: 1-3-4-2 Distributor rotation: Counterclockwise.
I have the 3.3L v6 I think the order is 1-2-3-4-5-6
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Man I’m starting to get frustrated so here’s everything I’ve done so far starter distributor spark plugs timing belt battery terminals cleaned grounds checked each relays tested all connectors for continuity it cranks and gets really really close to turning over but can’t do it i know my Evap and Egr systems are pretty screwed up but other than that I’m at a loss idk if those have anything to do with compression or anything
Give it some throttle while cranking.

If still no luck, remove an easily accessible spark plug wire, then crank it with 1/2 throttle. Then pull that plug to check if it's wet with gasoline which it should be. If it's dry, no fuel is getting up there.
I was kinda thinking the motor is flooded but when I pulled my old plugs they were dry I figured because my piston rings and valve train are worn out oil probably leaked onto the pistons because it’s been sitting a week which it never does
So here’s my total recap when I hit 399,985 everything was working good I got home turned it off then later I went to go get some groceries and all the sudden no crank so I checked battery that was normal and I read codes my starter was fairly new so I didn’t suspect it code said camshaft position sensor which I read can block a starter signal so I changed distributor still had code so I thought maybe the timing belt jumped a tooth and tore it down and it looked good replaced belt anyway and made sure both cam gears and crank gear were lined up put it back together and no crank I still have code so I checked the plug it has power ground and 0 degree and 120 degree so I cleaned up grounds in the engine bay then I replaced my starter and it’ll crank now but not start I replaced my spark plugs my old ones were a little ugly looking and it’ll crank but won’t start I verified I had spark by putting each wire on a plug I rested on the intake manifold
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