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Sensor Problem I need an adult

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Hey guys so I was very excited recently because I have 399,985 miles and can’t wait to see it hit the 4 but it got halted truck won’t crank at all and now I got a camshaft position sensor code so I swapped distributor still nothing I swap timing belt still nothin I check all fuses nothing I check the camshaft sensor plug I got power and ground and reference all work I check small 2 wire plug that both run to ignition module and cam sensor both have power I checked the ecu relay still won’t work I looked through main harness can’t see any bad wires battery is good I’m running out of things to test I’m praying to the Nissan gods it’s not the ecm
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Update stater spun motor did not so I assume the plunger is probably seized?
Possibly, or the teeth on the flywheel/flexplate are chewed off OR if it has a flexplate, it may have broken around where it bolts to the end of the crank. Bad starter is most likely, but you may want to take a look at the teeth and also try and move the engine using a prybar or large screwdriver on the flywheel/flexplate.
Yeah that could be problematic lol also by chance anyone know where I can get that bolt I tried Napa and a couple hardware stores all said no dealer has a kit that has it for like 130
Dealer or junkyard part; those are your choices!
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