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So, I think I'm going to sell the rodeo, maybe later on down the line I'll pick myself up an 00 + isuzu amigo/rodeosport for the next project offroad beater... but that's surely a while from now, I'll be getting around $6000 for my rodeo to put into my truck and pay off a few things...

Anyhow, lets talk about my frontier... I'd like to keep er' the daily driver and occasional off-roader so I don't want to modify the living piss out of it to the point that its uncomfortable at highway speeds and a killer on gas mileage (get around 17.8 city/highway average now)

Here's what I'd like to change, Add maybe 3-4" of lift, wider wheels/tires, little more up/down suspension travel up front.
Right now as it is with stock everything (nismo 4x4) I'm pretty impressed but some terrain really beats the heck out of the riders because of not enough wheel travel up front, seems too restrictive vs. how my rodeo rides, it just floats over everything so well. My rodeo sits on torsion bars on front so, it was EASY to modify and get a wicked great off-road ride and plus, the rear is sitting on coils instead of leafs.

What do you guys suggest I do? ... Can I get a few more inches of travel by just swapping the coils/shocks for longer ones or am I going to run into problems with the control arms hitting the coils? Eek, I don't know. I don't really want to go above $1300 or so with my front suspension... I don't want to do just a spacer lift I dont think, that doesnt give me any more suspension travel at all, just lifts the front end and that's it.

Any suggestions here are great... I just want the best value for my money, I don't want to dump money on a name-brand kit and it being barely different from the stock performance.... Seems as if I go too far, I have to change CV axles, upper/lower control arms, brake cables, etc.. that seems a bit too far to me, maybe its not though... As it will be my daily driver, I will be driving it long distances, where I live,

Thanks guys..

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Reading your post it does not sound like you want to go with the Titan swap but that would give you the best suspension travel numbers plus it would give you the same look as wider wheels.

The next step down would be coilovers and control arms.
You can get 2.0" Radflo coilovers and PRG arms for $1,349.00 PRG Products or get icon 2.5" coilovers and Total Chaos arm for $1395.00

A step down from that would be just coilovers and those go for $650 up to $1400 depending on what you want.
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