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In case anyone needs to know:-
ign off
put in D
foot OFF throttle
fott ON brake pedal
switch IGN ON (do not start)
wait 3 seconds
move lever to 3
release brake
move lever to 2nd
press brake
release brake
Floor the throttle

The O/D light will come on for 1 second, then flick very quickly seventeen times.

if it stays on for longer than a blink-of-an-eye in any one of those 17 times then theres a problem with:-
1 rev sensor
2 direct clutch solenoid
3 torque converter solenoid
4 line pressure solenoid
5 input clutch solenoid
6 front brake solenoid
7 low coast sol
8 hi and lo reverse sol
9 pnp switch (gear lever switch)
10 temp sensor
turbine sensor
1st engine braking
start signal
accellerator sensor
engine speed sensor
CAN signal

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