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Seeking feed back on my build idea please! I am a new member as of today, so if I do something wrong please let me know. Looking to be a good CF member.

I recently purchased a...
2006 SE 4x4 King Cab
6 speed tranny
stock everything

This truck will be a daily driver, but also an off road truck for hunting and camping. I live in Nevada and will frequently take it off road to explore our sweet sweet public lands. Anyway, I am going to lay out my simple and sorta cheap build idea and I was hoping you guys could offer your two cents.

Looking to mount 33" tires so I am only interested in a lift/level that will get me there.
Bilstein 5100 adjustable set to 1" or 1.5 "
1.5" LD coil springs
1.5" rear lift with AAL
Lower A-Arm Camber Alignment bolts

Read this thread and boy was it long...

Does anyone have any experience with this setup?

Keeping stock wheels and want to mount General Grabber AT2 or Firestone Destination AT in size 285/75R16

Will much trimming of the bumper or wheel well be required?
Will I likely have coil bucket contact issues?
Am I way off base with all of this?

Thank you for reading and hopefully responding!::grin::

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Welcome to the club, wulfenstein! I'm a new member myself but have been lurking on here for quite some time. I'm no expert when it comes to suspension systems, but I'll give you my experience and setup and hopefully that'll give ya abit of help. Theres a sticky thread in the suspension section by JeniorNV that you really should read. It's got a TON of info about all sorts of suspension setups each with its own pros and cons and estimated costs.
Now to your questions and my setup. I got the 5100 adjustable Bills up front set at max and 5100 Bills with PRG 1.5" blocks in the rear. I also installed actual Nissan lower cam bolts to help with alignments. After I installed this setup I did start to get CB contact if I went over bumps or train tracks to fast. I still have the stock UCA and installed bump stops to keep em from getting all banged up. Search for a thread for installing bump stops on stock UCAs if youre not planning on replacing them anytime soon. The bump stops are pretty cheap and only take about 30 or so minutes to install and that's if youre taking your time. I also recently got pathfinder brand 285/75/16s installed on my stock rims. Now I gotta tell ya I have a 13 SV CC with the plastic bumper. I've read that quite a few people have had to do the 'melt mod' or the 'pinch weld mod' to keep the tires from rubbing. On my particular setup with these particular brand of tires, the ONLY thing I had to do was to bend the plastic front air dam out about an inch to give the tire extra room if/when the suspension is compressed. Other than that, I can go from full left to full right and not rub at all!::smile:: Oh! Just as a side note, just because you have two tires that say they are the same size doesn't mean they really are. In other words, two 285/75 tires by two different makers ( ie BFG, & Firestone) can have anywhere from .5" to an 1" difference in overall size due to things such as tread design and a square or rounded sidewall.
As for how my setup rides or handles, I think its much better over the stock system. Theres not as much 'bounce' or 'spongyness' to the truck as with the stock shocks. Now that I have the 285s installed, abit of the 'bounce' has come back and it likes to grab the grooves in the road and hold on to em. Nothing to serious, it's due to the fact theres more meat on the ground than before and also having brand new tires compared to the stockers which were pretty well worn has that effect as well.
I hope I gave you at least abit of useful information. If you need anything else, I'll do my best to answer your question(s) or, if nothing else, I'll point you in the correct direction. Good luck and be sure to post pics when you're done with your setup!::smile::

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GB frontiersman gave some good info. Cbc shouldn't be an issue with only 1.5" up front. I'm not sure your going to avoid rub with that lift either. I've just rebuilt my front suspension with the following parts. SPC adjustable ball joint uca's, new stock springs and shocks, new tie rod ends, all new brake parts,new lower ball joints, a new brake hose and line and a new axle shaft. All told, about $850. The uca's were $450 alone. I also already had a 3" spacer lift on the front with custom rear springs.
Also if you decide on using wheel spacers to widen your track, it will move your tire center out and cause rubbing.
Good luck with your new 2 u truck. And by all Means post pics. Not just after pics. Before pics, during pics and any pics of you off road. We all love pics.
We have a saying here.
Pics or it didn't happen.

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Thanks everyone for the replys. Still undecided on how to proceed, so I'm not going to take you up on your used shocks JB.

I'll look for that Sticky Jen, as well as the Silver State Nissans. I'll get pics up as well. Thanks guys.
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