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Securing Truck Bed Bars and Cargo Basket

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So as a new owner of a Nissan Frontier, instead of the truck bed cover, I opted to getting truck bed bars and a basket to add on top of the bars for when we go camping it adds an extra cargo layer. I noticed when I was installing it that its pretty much tightened with clamps, there are no bolts or screws or any other security measure.My question is, how do most people keep it from getting stolen? Besides keeping it in your garage, what can/do you do to keep someone from removing the bars and basket from your truck? This is pretty much my setup minus the toolbox.


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Enjoy the truck and stop worrying.

LOL. That's exactly what a bunch of people told me but what can I say, I lean a little on the paranoid side.
Even secured, things can get taken so don't lose sleep as you can't cover every possibility and if you do perpetually worry and nothing happened then you'll wonder why you're gray and your hair fell out while you're still so young.
Not sure what age range you're in but wait until you have kids in and one finished with college and you'll know what worrying is all about.
Those unlocked bars are a piece of cake then.

Clint I'm 38 and my daughter is only 8 at the moment so you are on point with your advice. I will heed your words of wisdom.
why does your frontier have a TuRD sticker on it?

Otherwise, bolting is good. On my sliding bed extender, I drilled and added bolts so couldn't be lifted out.
That's not my Frontier. It's an example I found online. Mine set up is pretty much like that minus the turd.
Maybe attach these ( through where it connects - may require some custom fabrication ...
I was thinking something along those lines. I was also thinking maybe one of those laptop security cables but more heavy duty. Or a chain, but unless DONE right can look tacky.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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