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Seat track mod DIY, input needed.

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Hey guys, back again.

I posted just a little while ago about moving the seat back for extra leg room. I don't really mind the stock seats, just that they won't go back and I feel like im driving a clown car :p

I have a friend who works alot with fab welding and body mods on cars and he had an simple solution to this problem. He informed me that as long as there is nothing underneath the floor pan it would be very simple to remove the old seat, reattach the bolts and cover them with silicone to reseal. Then drill four holes through the floor pan for the new attachment points. (modded as well to prevent rust and leakage).

I am looking for input from the community at large, is this a wise choice? Are the original four holes specially designed (or reinforced) for crash safety?

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you all.
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