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Joined ClubFrontier: November 5, 2005
Username: SD_Frontier
Real Name: Paul
Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier (Crew Cab)
Trim: 4x4 SE
Color: Black (and White)
Holds the truck up:

PRG Titan UCAs
Stock Titan LCAs
2.5" Sway-A-Way w/ remote res
Braided Brake Lines
PRG Heim Outer Steering
2.25" Sway-a-Way Piggybacks
PRG Deaver 10-leaf pack
Wheels and Tires:
Pro Comp 7089 (16x8 -12mm offset)
BF Goodrich All-Terrain K/O (285/75/16)
2" Wheel Spacer (rear)
Spins the tires:
Stock C200K with 3.36 gears
Titan M205 with 3.36 gears
Stock Transfer Case
Get up and go:
VQ40 4.0L V6
Custom 2.5" Cat-Back w/ Flowmaster Series 40
BTF Tube Front Bumper and Skid
Creative Fabworks Tube Rear Bumper Rear Diff Skid for C200 Sliders
Shrockworks Skids (Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, and Gas Tank)
Seen from outside:
Fiberwerx Fenders
Fiberwerx Bedsides
Titus Products Hi-Lift Mount
Titus Products Spare Tire Carrier (2x)
Desert Pinstripes
Totron 30" LED Light Bar SR Series
5-gal Jerry Can (gas) in Smittybuilt Holder mounted to utilitrack
5-gal Jerry Can (water) in Smittybuilt Holder mounted to utilitrack
Seen from inside:
Britax Marathon Classic
Cobra 19 Ultra III
Firestik 18' Coax
Firestik Firefly 3' w/ Firestik Quick Disconnect
Near Future Mods:
Smoked Halo Headlights - in garage
Smoked Third Brake Light - in garage
Smoked Taillights - in garage
Grillecraft Black Mesh Grill - in garage
Full Body Flat Black Paint
Extended Future Mods:
Front and Rear 2" Bumps
Front and Rear ARB Lockers
Front and Rear Regear to 4.083

Comments: So here is my money pit. The intention is to create a mixed-use rig for "fast" desert running and canyon crawling. The end result is a rig that does both okay but neither well.

Photos: I really need better pics...


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Did you ever consider plati-dipping the whole thing? Just so your fenders matched.
I have not considered that. I always planned to paint it. Just wanted to get the rear bumper and suspension done before I sent it to get paint thrown on.

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Did you have to cut your fenders or did they come precut? Also how's the fitment and look in person? Do the lines match in the front? Been holding off on the fiberwerx cuz noone has answers haha.
And nice looking rig!
The stock fenders are removed and the only cutting needed was the plastic piece underneath the grill. The glass fenders are then bolted right on to the stock locations.

The bedsides are a different story. The stock bedsides are cut from the bed box and the glass bedsides are then fastened to the box.

Fit is pretty spot on. The mould used to make the Frontier glass is not used much so there are little to no imperfections.

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What's up front?!!!

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Yikes, look at them brake/ABS lines.

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That is a killer bumper man. The stocker looked pretty shiesty with the fiber bedsides.

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Dang dude that's too much. Carl and I are going to uuuuuu and ahhhhhhh everyone tomorrow ;-)
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