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So I got a Scangauge as a present and I am super pumped, it is frickin sweet. I open it up and plug it in and the first thing I do is scan for codes and guess what comes up... the stupid knock sensor code. Damn :comphead:
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knock sensor

dont ignore that knock sensor as i did for too long.
it will start to cause issues with your cats and your o2 sensors.

i have been chasing "ghost codes" for a couple months due to ignoring the relocation project.

get that done asap.

also, i have a new location for the k\s that works as well as a place where you can get it for about 50$.

send me a private email
Please just tell us where? A lot of guys with KS issues.

here is a link to my post on this topic with pictures. again, i have a 2004 s/c cc Lb and i am not sure if you will have the same setup in this area of the engine.

my post is the last entry.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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