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I thought I'd share a great way to save on auto parts, and really just about any major retail store. Now, this is not a spam post. I get nothing from this-I just wanted to give back as I've already taken a lot of knowledge from other CF member's posts.

There is a huge secondary market for gift cards, people sell their unwanted gift cards for less than face value to a buying service who in turn will sell them at a discount to people looking to buy. This is very much supply & demand, popular gift cards such as Costco, Ebay, Amazon, WalMart, etc. will typically be for sale at a paltry discount (2% or so).

At the time I'm writing this there's great discounts on auto parts stores, Advance Auto Parts is 27% off and O'Reilly is 20% off. I literally saved thousands buying Lowe's cards this way when I renovated a house last year. If you have a cash back credit card or can stack with coupons/promo codes it makes the deal all the sweeter.

Cardbear dot com is a sort of reference, they list all retailers available and compares various legitimate websites to see who has the best deal on any given card. They have restaurants, clothing stores, hotel chains, just about anybody who issues gift cards. I wouldn't say their information is always timely/100% accurate, but it is an easy way to check how to get the biggest discounts on cards.
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