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San Bernadino Truck Meet Accident

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Any members of this forum at the meet yesterday in which 6 people died?

It appears that a truck went airborne after a jump and went into the crowd.
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I am sorry to hear about your friend. This could cause bad things for the pre-running community. Hate to hear about things like this but what do you expect to happen when you are standing next to a dirt track with no barriers and vehicles flying by going 80+ mph. I don't wish harm on anyone but you wouldn't catch me dead doing that stuff and for just that reason as much as I would love to see King of the Hammers, I will never attend it.
^whoever wrote that article needs to a good kick to the nuts. I am so tires of seeing articles with that type of negativity and blatant disregard of the off-roading world. They went on some websites and found the 15mph rule and completely took it out of context. Why would a RACE require a 15 mph speed limit on part of the course?? I really do feel bad for Sloppy.

Spectators need to take responsibility for themselves. This was an accident and nothing more. It's 50 miles of open do you really expect them to enforce the distance rule for that whole area? People need to take responsibility for themselves, it's as simple as that. No one should have to be dealing with lawsuits but society today refuses to accept that, someone always has to be to blame. Would you stand next to a highway where cars are traveling 60+ And if someone did that and got hit they would be to blame, why is this any different?
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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