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San Bernadino Truck Meet Accident

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Any members of this forum at the meet yesterday in which 6 people died?

It appears that a truck went airborne after a jump and went into the crowd.
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Sad to see the local newspaper leading the charge against having fun in our deserts. Tragedy calls for off-road moratorium -

Even though the guy interviewed by all the networks seems cool and places the blame on everyone involved he does say the trucks should slow down at this rockpile because the fans are so close. Really? Anyone who goes to crowded off-road areas in the desert knows you are dealing with alcohol-fueled herd mentality and all of these spectators were flirting with danger. Still, the organizers and the BLM do share a lesser amount of responsibility and I do think these events need some of our tax-dollar funded officials watching over these events(reimbursed by the organizers of course).
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