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Running w/out fuel filler neck.

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Okay, so my brother comes to me w/ a problem.
Apparently, his rear passenger side tire got shredded (which is weird cuz it was only purchased last year) and that tread must've grapped the fuel filler neck and ripped it clean off. If that didn't happen, then maybe his tires blew and his fuel filler neck got ripped off separately.

Anyways, I was wondering if it would be safe to run the truck w/out the fuel filler neck if I were to just cap off the hose going to the tank? Fuel filler hose, and the two smaller hoses are still in tact. Should I cap all three hoses?

here's what I'm talking about (circled in red is the fuel filler neck that ripped off):

I believe the other two smaller hoses are ventilation...I could be wrong. Please help. Thanks.

btw: i hope by username doesn't offend anyone. Looking to change that.
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Most likely the SES light will go on. For safety sake. fix it right away.

^thanks. so should i plug all three hoses for the time being? or just the filler tube?
yeah, my bro has work & school which is quite a distance from our house. the dealership said it'll take 5 days to come in. local parts shops don't carry that part. the bus system suck over here which is why i'm asking this.
well, the gas tank has a spring-loaded cap inside that prevents gas from coming back up the filler, so i wouldn't worry about it. the smaller two hoses are evap - so it will throw a code. so really, just cover the hose so you don't get dirt in it.
^will do. thanks guys. wish i could get this part locally. through nissan, they have to order it $197. Found some place else online that sells strictly fuel filler necks for $110. Hopefully he's legit.
did you try Scott at Fontana Nissan? He's a vendor here and gives good deals and good service.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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