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If I post up a run will you guys even attempt to make it out?
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there is a bunch of guys on the new X from Portland. I was suggesting Centralia area so it half way for both Seattle and Portland.
Sep 7th I think will be my first day... There got to be some sweet jumps in the Styrker training area..
I figured that.. I have Range pass for Ft Irwin.. I'm sure I will get one there. but MP are dicks so..
Moses lake is a small sandy area, potential for getting a truck sky high there. Or you have to drive down to oregon, sand lake or florance.
I have been talking to some of the Xterra guys about going out to sand lake. When I get back Tow rig, Trailer, and Sand tires are on my list of Mods.
lewis mps are retarded. You will get a ticket for literally 2 miles over the limit.
yeah, I had a co-work that was in Iraq for 2 years h car was in storage the hole time he got back had to drive on base and his first trip got a ticket for having a head light out.. not a fix it ticket a head light.. No understanding he just got it out of storage or anything. I have feeling my truck will be a cop magnet, or an MP magnet so I will need to make sure it good before I drive on base.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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