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If I post up a run will you guys even attempt to make it out?
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can I go? haha
Anybody bring a tow strap? :laugh:
Youre just jealous that my truck is still beastly in 2wd.
mustard when you gonna be at lewis, when you show up well smash out too some jumps.
Ahh cant wheel on base already got in trouble by range control. Ill be there for about a month then im going on another trip, ill show you all the spots i know.
lewis mps are retarded. You will get a ticket for literally 2 miles over the limit.
Moses lake is a small sandy area, potential for getting a truck sky high there. Or you have to drive down to oregon, sand lake or florance.

Exactly where i was gonna show him ill be out by there in a week or two, headin to yakima.
Just FYI, moses lake is out of the way of yakivegas.
I know, yakistan is closer than here however.
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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