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This Memorial Day please take time and remember those who are no longer with us. This weekend is not simply for BBQ's and beers. Please pour one for someone that can no longer be there to share it and remember what they did so you could be there. Honor them!

We are directing this sale at those of you working on finishing touches or rebuilding something into something better. So for the rebuilders we have put all our Heims, Heim Sets, and anything Heim (Including Link Kits, Panhard Kits, & Heim Steering) 20% off. For those of you finishing up your new rig we put all of our Lights and Light related products (HID's & LED Tail lights, & light boxes) at 20% off also!

This sale will end Tuesday at 6PM so those of you out Friday & Saturday can call in an order on Tuesday if they have questions they need answered first. We will be open Saturday as usual even if I am down here at Glen Helen welding broken race cars!

The code word you need to get this discount on our site is THEDUKE in honor of a man that never fought in a real war but represented every one of our armed forces in a very honorable way for over 40 years.​

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