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Rubbing sound but not sure

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Im getting a what sounds like a tire rubbing against the front plastic liner on the passenger side but cant find any contact.Could it be the front diff making that same sort of noise?
It only seems to happens on sharp left turns while going slow and when going straight and coming to a quick stop.
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Be more specific about the noise. Is it a low pitched groaning? A clicking? What sounds like gravel moving? High pitched?
its more of a scraping kinda noise.For those that have lifted and had tire rub on the inner fender its that sound but im not getting any rubbing and only from the passenger side
Try looking at the brakes on that side. Is the dust shield hitting the rim when you turn? Are the brake pads worn enough that the wear indicator is starting to rub on the disc?
no its seems to be getting worse.starting to think its in the front drivetrain
Maybe the u-joints
check the inside of your rims , if there is score marks inside tighten your calipers
i had one bolt back off and the caliper spun up and hit the inside of the rim

to eliminate the front end , get the front tires off the ground and spin the tires see if it makes the same noise

also check the driveshaft u-joints , and the axle shafts up front
I was thinking it might be the axle
got it off the ground pulled the wheels hit/poked/spun/turned /twisted everything I cant find it
It's amazing how after going to all the trouble looiking, the issue is still elusive.
Can it be a bad hub?

hell I dont know I guess it drive until broken :)
I had a simular noise, it started like a rubbing sound,(thought it maybe was tire rubbage,but no), the rub sound ESCALADED to a constant rattle/rub then just a GAWD AWFUL horrifying thumping rumbling rattle! If THIS is what yours is doing, climb underneath the front end and check your FAN SHROUD. The Frontier with the 4.0 uses these cheesey fan shrouds that have a palstic piece on the bottom that comes unsnapped. (it's hard to see) and makes hell-acious nasty scary noises. Hope that's all it is for ya, I think a new one was less than 100 bucks shipped and I duct taped the old one until new one got there. (60 something if I'm remembering correctly, plus shipping). Good Luck
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