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RTZ leveling kit installed!

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had been looking at the PRG leveling kit for a few months and tracking the price, hovering around $200 - 260. noticed the RTZ kit for $91 on Amazon one night whilst clicking random stuff on my phone, and boom I ordered it.
3" polyurethane front spacer
2" rear shackles

Note: I prefer rear shackles to riser blocks with u-bolts. it seems to me that adding a spacer between the axle & spring seat will increase the tendency to "roll" the axle, thus turning the leaf springs into s-curves under acceleration/braking. Longer shackles just lift the whole rear end up away from the frame attachment point, without changing any suspension geometry. :nerd: So I went with the longer shackles here.

Installed with my buddy, took about 5 hours and 6 beers, working at a relaxed pace. I really enjoyed taking the front end apart to see how this is designed. based on all the race cars I've worked on, this appears to be a very burly suspension system, as it oughtta be!! >:D

Now the truck sits nice an high (but not too high.)

Drive quality was not affected in any way I can tell. this is my daily driver, and it handles just as well as ever. Negligible difference to mpg economy.


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Yeah that'll happen. I didn't do cam bolts in mine yet, but the wheels are slightly cambered after the install. Gonna take it for an alignment first.

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With 3" in front you'll likely need camber bolts and you'll have coil bucket contact.

I have 3" spacers up front with camber bolts and SPC upper arms with the adjustable ball joint. Shop said easiest alignment he's ever done on a lifted truck. I used custom rear springs for lift and load. I tow a 4500 lb travel trailer.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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