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RPM Gauge?

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K! Weird question!

I have the base model of the 98 Frontier. In my display, on the left side I have the fuel gauge, center I have the speedometer, and on the right side I have the engine temp. NO RPM GAUGE! I wouldn't think think this was that weird if I had seen other models like mine with the same type of display setup, but after surfing through numerous videos and pictures online, I haven't found one like mine yet. All of them have RPM gauges on the right side, and their temp is a smaller gauge, sitting next to the fuel gauge on the left side.

SO. Let's say, hypothetically, that someone in my situation would like to find a way to see their RPMs. Let's say, hypothetically, someone likes to listen to their music really loud and isn't always able to hear the engine. I've driven enough that I know by the feel of the vehicle when its time to shift, but it would still be nice to have a gauge. Has anyone encountered this issue and found a way to set up a gauge somewhere inside of the vehicle for the RPMs? Thanks!
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