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Rough *** Ride

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Right after I got my Fronty I noticed it really had a rough *** ride and would almost bounce me in the other lane when I hit a bump

Took it in and they found the power steering rack was too tight or at least that is what they said but it's ok now so this is kinda of a heads up I guess
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TwoBills said:
They probably just let some air out of the tires. :)
Not Hardly

I messed with the air pressure many times, both up and down. But after the svc call all was well. I reminded them that I was 50 yrs old and had my share of vehicles and wasn't a
dunt know nuttin at all :wink:
TwoBills said:
Hah, another old duffer, like me. (55). Welcome to the forums, Jax.
yeah I will qualify for the senior discount at Hardees before long :)
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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