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Mine currently sits perfectly level. All 4 corners measured the same last time I checked it on pavement, 41.5鈥 if i remember right to the center of the fender wells. Id def recommend the 6鈥 rc and id prob opt for the lifted strut for 100$ more as i feel like it gives you a more solid, nicer product than a huge spacer. But if you wanted to go ahead and put nice new shocks, the standard spacer isnt a bad option either. I dont doubt that 8鈥 wont help the truck by any means, and yes it would technically hurt offroad performance bc i will give up 1.5鈥 of down travel. However, im pretty certain that the RC struts allow for extra travel over the standard kit, bc the standard kit reuses the factory strut, all it adds is lift. But i could be wrong. I figure i can go to 8鈥 for less than 200$ over 6鈥 and i drive about 5k miles a yr with this truck so far, i cant see where it should have anything wear terribly bad any time soon. If i dont like the finished product, im outta a few hrs of bolting stuff up and can resale my parts as a complete level kit so really cant loose too much there lol.
Question, I have the Navara to your frontiers . I want to get that lift, but im not sure if itll fit. Our trucks are RHD Diesels. Thai Built
81 - 83 of 83 Posts