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Rough Country 6inch lift for Pro4x

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So I know rough country says the 6 inch lift won’t work for the Pro4x model due to it causing wear and tear on parts but I’m wondering if there’s other parts I could use instead that won’t cause wear and tear.
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Welcome to the forum!

Do you definitely need 6" of lift?
With a Pro-4X you can go the safe route and do a 4" full suspension lift and get plenty of height.
It's better than having to modify a kit that's not made for your truck. I've got the Nisstec 4" lift and I've got pretty much the same height as the 6" Rough Country lift. It's more money but it's made for our trucks. And the components you get are something else plus the kit includes everything: Coilovers, UCA's, rear shocks, shackles, extended brake lines etc. I did tons of research and in the end, it was worth the cost for me. Just depends on your budget!

You can check out my build page if you'd like:

I'm trying to get as much lift as i can without having wear and tear. Nisstec must've just recently come out with that lift because last year I didn't see it at all. Will the Nisstec void my extended warranty? I'm glad you mentioned the Nisstec one though because that'll be the one I will most likely end up getting.
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With a suspension lift, you should have less wear and tear. It's basically just a taller & sturdier version of what your truck already has. And it rides good!
The only non-suspension part that it has is 1" spacers up front. The coilovers give 3" and the spacers give 1" of lift. In the back you get the lift from the add a leafs & the shackles. In the end I ended up with like 4.5" of lift!
It's been out for a few months already. I got it right when it came out which was in November.
No modification can void a warranty unless the manufacturer proves that your claim was caused by
the modification!
That's how it's supposed to be anyways!
I suppose whether it's a Nisstec lift or any other brand, it would be the same result.
I will definitely be investing in that lift then! Makes sense why I didn’t know about it because I was in basic training from August to December. I had been researching before that and I wanted something close to the 6 inch but no one offered it and I didn’t want to destroy my truck. It’s hard finding specific parts for the second gen frontiers even though they’re great trucks!
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