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Looking for build suggestions for 2wd 5 spd. 4 cyl. 2010 from those that thrash frontiers in rough country.

Use - Central America on unkempt dirt roads, often muddy, on slippery clay like material called Marl. Also long drives on sometime good, sometimes broken pavement. Big potholes.

No desert racing or rock crawling - but it needs to survive.

Logistical reasons make 4 cyl. necessary = 2wd.

Read the suspension & travel stickys & lots of threads. Lift not important, travel is - with a minimum of mods so it can be fixed easily far from resources.

T swap, although sounds interesting introduces all sorts of problems.

Also the LSD question. trying to find torsen style LSD -likely best of both worlds. Maybe air locker to fit (ARB says no fit on 4.08 C200k gear set). Likely 370Z manual Quaife unit will work, have their drawing, need C200K case drawing. Otherwise I'll have to measure the diff. myself and see if it can be modified. Some say C200K strong enough, other say it's junk?

Ideas -

Tires - Hankook ATM 235/85/16 or or MT? - available locally in C.A. + stock Alum wheels (unsprung weight ok & still gives me 31.7" & fits under fenders)

rebuild front end - ball joints. rod ends etc.

4600 HD on front - maybe 5100 + bump stop + PRG arms if it does not widen track?

skids - engine, gas tank - hefty.
hi lift, tow straps and block & tackle + tire chains for bad spots

Reading from the Desert guys suggest that rear suspension is key to keeping wheels on the ground and driving forward.

- thinking of using a Ford 150 main leaf (+3" longer on rear side) build up rest w new leafs + fitted lubed bushings. UltraHD poly sheets between each leaf for compliance and a 5" shackle which should sit at ~ 45 degrees, provide extra droop without lift. Also think of going to FJ40 type shock mounts and triangulate shock mounts to gain some extra damping travel without topping or bottoming of shocks.

If I need extra load carry after nice compliant rear- use air springs, especially if I can make ARB air locker work w R&P spacer on the 4.08 and need compressor.

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