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Roof Rack Rivets

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Before I take apart my headliner, does anyone know if its easy to replace the rivets for the roof rack bolts? Two of mine are severely rusted and would like to swap them out.

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when i had my roof rack off it was nuts welded to the roof and the bolts went into those.
i have a 2002
Ouch, that doesn't seem easy to do.
Ouch, that doesn't seem easy to do.
If you can just back-out the torx bolt 6-8 m just do torx bolts will run you about 5$ a pop, don't fu%#-w/t that headliner if you don't have to!

Thomas (^:


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t2stone, How exactly do I back-out the torx bolt?
have you treid to remove them? I believe they are "tacked" to the underside of the inside
roof metal. go to lowes or hd if you don't have a torx bit, they have em for 10-15$ bucks
let me know how it goes?

I took off my roof rack, rivets and all, totally not worth it. There are actually riveted in your roof. Like plus-nuts for yakima's roof racks but with a bigger base. I had to dremel them off, total PIA. If I could do it all over again I would have left it as it was. If its not leaking, or your roof rack is flying off at speed, you might just want to leave it alone. If you are just replacing a bolt, yea all you need is a torx set to unbolt it. A few bucks at walmart will do it.
I was just wanting to know why you would want to remove"the rack" from your rig?
I had to put one on my XE 1 I like the look though it's functionality is limited.... It added to my existing lumber rack...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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