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OK guys so I guess I need help buying rims. Let me tell you my plans for my lift and such so maybe someone can help.

Stock Titan UCAS
Stock Titan LCAS
Tundra Bilstein 5100s adjustable strut
06 Tacoma trd coil springs
Stock frontier mounting plate and insolator
Titan inner and outer ball joints
PRG extended brake lines

OK so I know I want to run 20 inch rims amd I know I want to run 35s. There a frontier that has 20 inch fuels and 35s but he is not tswap. He has a leveling kit as well as spindles and add a leaf in the rear and he does not scrub. He is a 2wd and so am I. Sooo any thoughts as to what I can do? Also I want to run a deep dish wheel. I'm trying to keep from going to a 12 wife's so trying to stay 10 wide. Any advice helps. Eventually I will be doing a CTS spindles as well but right now just a tswap. Tax season I'll buy spindles to go with my tswap so

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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