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Rims that will fit my Pro 4x?

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I am planning to put a NissTec lift on my 2016 Frontier Pro 4x, but I cannot seem to find a set of wheels to fit my Frontier's lug pattern and not rub without a spacer. I am looking to get a rim/tire that will fit without a spacer. I was going to buy the 17" Fuel Hostage and I have seen Frontiers with this wheel before, but Fuel said it would rub without a spacer.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction of a matte black wheel that will fit my Pro 4x properly?

Thanks, Rob
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Fuel said that the Maverick would definitely fit my Pro 4x without requiring a spacer. They said it was the only wheel they made that would fit our Frontier lug pattern with the necessary offset and would not rub.
You cannot go wrong with the Fuel Maverick. The BFG K02's compliment nicely too.



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