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Rims, shackles, adapters for sale. CHEAP

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Whats up guys. Long time no see.

I moved recently, and need to get rid of some stuff. First:

4-5 spoke alloy pathfinder wheels w/center caps : $80.

PRG Adjustable length shackles. Only 20 miles on them. $70

XE-SE steel wheel centers. $10

6x4.5-6x5.5 wheel adapters. 1.5". Great to fit titan wheels. $175 (

Giant STP 1 MTN bike. $350

Prices are firm. Pick-up in Newport Beach Ca.
Unfortunately I don't deal with Paypal. I accept money orders. Check my itrader if you're feeling unsure.

760 534 1931 Call, or send me a PM.
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Total. Locals get priority on everything
Would love the wheels but wont be your way untill march..
dude hate to jack your thread, but your even closer to me now that you're in newport. i really want to see your truck man. Im only in seal beach/garden grove area. Me and Edwin (devilrunner) have been meeting up every once in a while on thursdays at this little car meet of his in cypress. we should both go some day.

also. free bump for some good stuff.
Are the adapters hub centric?
Any pcitures of them?
interested in bike and shackles....check pm
Are the adapters hub centric?
Any pcitures of them?
Yes. Hub-centric. Pictures are posted in the original post.
Yes. Hub-centric. Pictures are posted in the original post.
My work's internet filter didn't allow the pictures to display. I see them now.
I'll let you know (i'm still trying to decide on wheels).
would you ship the wheels or no?
No shipping on wheels or bike
alright thanks for letting me know
Would you ship Fronty adjustable shackles to 98006?
Everything is still available. No locals are interested, so i will ship.

$160 Rims shipped
$75 Shackles Shipped
$170 adapters Shipped
$20 Centers shipped.
Bike is still local
still interested in bike if available when i go to SD
man, i like them wheels. are they 16"?
yessirr 16" ^^

Bike is Sold
Adapters are Sold
does the shackles come with the bolts and stuff or do i use the stock ones with the bushing sleeves?
pm'd ya reguarding the wheels.
Sorry S-bug. Wheels just sold local.

Johnny^^^ Shackles come with everything included for install. Nothing from stock shackles are used, except bushings.

Shackles-Still available
Wheel Centers- Still available
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