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Revolver shackles?

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I just came across these on

I was wondering if anyone on here was running them and how they performed. My buddy with a toyota has been drooling over them and said i should get a set. I would just like to see other peoples opinion on them and if their required extra parts are really required.

I already have longer shocks and about 5 inches of lift via aal's. I can get brake lines cheap, id just like to know why they say you have to have the aals.
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Ive had them for a couple years. I like em, you dont have to extend the abs lines, just take out of brackets as neccessary and loosly tie strap. You will "clearance" the front of you rear fender, along with the brackets for the gas fill and charcoal can, the first time you really open them up off road.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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