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Revolver shackles?

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I just came across these on

I was wondering if anyone on here was running them and how they performed. My buddy with a toyota has been drooling over them and said i should get a set. I would just like to see other peoples opinion on them and if their required extra parts are really required.

I already have longer shocks and about 5 inches of lift via aal's. I can get brake lines cheap, id just like to know why they say you have to have the aals.
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maybe just to stiffen the leaf pack so you dont just de arch them like any other shackle? maybe the revolver shackles are even harder on the leaf springs
might as well be the guinea pig would like to see it if you ever show up to a meet:crib::nana:
im just playin man cant wait to see what kinda flex you get out of the back of that thing
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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