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Revolver shackles?

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I just came across these on

I was wondering if anyone on here was running them and how they performed. My buddy with a toyota has been drooling over them and said i should get a set. I would just like to see other peoples opinion on them and if their required extra parts are really required.

I already have longer shocks and about 5 inches of lift via aal's. I can get brake lines cheap, id just like to know why they say you have to have the aals.
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Could be. With the leafs i have in there, they should be fine. Id just have to make the abs lines longer and get longer brake lines. I think ima have to go for it when i get some spare money.
ahaha, I'm planning on being the guinea pig as soon as i get some spare cash for them and some brake lines.
I understand where greg is coming from in his posts and it does make a lot of sense. I could run them and take out the overload. I have some pretty long shocks in there already. I just need a bit more articulation for the rear to keep up with the ts i have planned for the front.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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