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I've done extensive searches on here, but after I already installed my backup camera. For now, I connected the power for the camera to the reverse lamp power, but later I want it to be on with the ACC power as someone suggested here with an On-Off-On style switch.

Anyways, I took off the rear tail light, noted the color of the wires there, and then found the matching wire at the power distribution/fuse block (forgot the name), near the battery. My dad and I tested it for 12V power when it was shifted into reverse. We noticed a little bit of power when it wasn't in reverse, 2-3VDC.. but I figured maybe something was amiss from removing my HU.

Now that everything is connected and put back, the backup camera works awesome.. except, about 85% of the time that I change gears (any gear), the HU appears to switch to camera mode. I can press "display" on my HU to switch back, but next time I change gears, there's an 85% chance it's going to switch again to camera. In my searches on this forum, I should have probably of tapped the baby blue wire on the right hand passenger side. Is there any simple electronics style thing I can put inline of the reverse signal wire? Something to filter out the lower voltages which I assume are causing my HU to falsely switch into the rear view camera mode?

If not, do you think connecting to the baby blue wire will possibly resolve my issues?
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