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For those putting a Rear view camera with a 6MT...

The best place I found for tapping the reverse 12v is in the engine bay fuse box-the big square one closest to the firewall.

Precautions : When working on the electrical system always unplug the negative terminal on the battery before you do anything else

Locating the right wire inside the engine bay fuse box:

1. Remove fuse box cove cover (big square box)
2. Remove Power distribution module (big white box) by pressing on the two tabs and pulling up. Turn it to the side and rest it there.
3. Now in the fuse box are left some other relays and connector. The connector (E5/F14) you need is white and it's on the side closest to the outside of the vehilce and it's with 24 wire slots (not all of the slots have wires in it)
4. The reverse wire is in slot 11 and its blue with silver paint marks
5. Insert a very tin pin (sawing needle or similar) next to the wire in the connector slot so it touches the connector blade. Make sure the pin does not touch anything else but the wire pin
6. Reconnect battery negative terminal and attach a volt meter to the pin and some ground point of your choice in the area. Red lead to the needle pin, black lead to ground point. Switch volt meter to DC Volts. Position Meter so you can see the reading from the driver seat. Go seat in the drivers seat no need to start the truck and shift in and out of reverse while looking at the meter. If it shows ~12V DC (+/- 1V DC) in Reverse and 0 V DC in Neutral you found the right wire.
7. Disconnect Negative terminal on battery again
8. Remove needle

Tapping the Reverse and routing it into the inside of the vehicle:

1. Now you need to release the connector from its location in the fuse box
2. Unplug the top side of the connector
3. insert a tin precision screw driver into the side of the bottom part of the connector and pull it up and out of the fusebox. On that bottom connector the blue and silver wire in slot 11 is the one you are going to attach a quick tap 18 gauge (the red ones).
4. I recommend using a 5amp fuse holder (for 1 1/4'' glass fuses) to be wired in the fuse box for extra protection, so if the wire that is going to the dash gets grounded the 5amp fuse will blow before the 10 amp factory fuse for the reverse lamps... so you want loose the reverse lights
5. Wire your fuse holder to the reverse wire tap and wire a 6-8 feet of 18 gauge auto primary wire to the other side of the fuse holder
6. After you are finished attaching the tap and fuse holder(don't forget to insert a fuse) route the 18 wire thru the small hole on the bottom of the fuse box its near the engine side of the box
7. Now remove the front pass. side wheel surround cover by removing the screws and on the splash guards and wheel arch and remove the 3 push pins
8. With the cover remove look at the side to the inside of the pass front seat... there is only one black tick wire that goes thru a rubber bushing into the front passenger under dash area
9. Pull the bushing out remove the metal clip that holds the bushing to the wire, soap up the black wire so the bushing slides easier
9a. remove plastic cover on the bottom right in passenger feet area
10. Route your wire from the hole of the fuse box down into the wheel well in protective tubbing, thru the bushing and into the passenger feet area... use a peace of solid wire to pull the 18 wire thru the vehicle opening
11. Secure new wire to existing wire clips in wheel well
12.Secure bushing onto both wires with a tie wrap and insert bushing firmly back into the wall opening
13.From here route the wire to where ever you need it inside the dash

After you are finish with the rest of your installation and everything works fine, Reinstall all parts the same way you took them apart

I hope that helps...not much regarding this via search... And most folks have gone all the way back to the tail lights connector to get the reverse 12V
So this is an alternative

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Indeed a great write up :)

Seems like you could as well run Cat5 wire or similar to your camera and tap one of the wires into the +12v of the reverse lights. Wiring to the IPDM is less material though for sure.

EDIT: whoops, I hadn't even noticed the post above this one.


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I think theres a 12v. reverse lead behind the Rt. kick panel for the trailer harness..

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all true...but

I ran it this way because:

1. the tap is in a safe place, away from water ( unlike under rear of truck)
2. Since I added a fuse its good to keep all fuses in one place for easy troubleshooting
3. I installed an On-Off-On switch to operate a second power source (ACC from audio wiring harness) to the camera so I can turn it on without being in reverse
4. the camera cable that came with the camera has power and video feed together. So that has to go behind the stereo... It didn't make sense to run a single wire all the way back just for power source...
5. When you read up all the schematics and repair manuals to get it done this way you get to learn a lot about the vehicle ... and that will come in handy at some point for sure
6. I like it neat.... :)

and its not that much work as it looks on paper(cyber paper)..
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