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Well, i finally got my timing chain replaced, even though i didn't hear the dreadful whine. The tech said it was so bad, that the tensioner shoes (both) broke off and shifted the chain downward? I can't remember what exactly he said, but something breaking, and not just worn, does not sound good at all. I'm glad they looked into it, even if it didn't whine. I'm kind of ticked off at nissan, since i've been replacing belts and tensioners since 9,000 miles but relieved at the same time. Hopefully these newly designed parts that are made a little different from the original parts (guides?) will hold up a lot longer. They say the "material" is a lot stronger, we'll see. I haven't heard any complaints yet, from the newly designed Brog Warner part. Anybody out there care to disagree?

These are the parts that they replaced. Are these the parts they replaced for your timing chain too?

Bill Code - W

NI 11026-01M02 - washer-dr
NI 15208-9E000 - filter oil
YY 5W30 - bulk oil
NI 13028-ZK01C - chain-cam
NI 13097-ZK01C - tensioner
NI 15066-2Y510 - seal - o
NI 13510-7Y000 - seal - oil
NI 15066-5E510 - seal - o ri
NI 999MP-1217FPP - threebound
NI 13091-ZK00A - chain guide
NI 999MP-AF000P - long life

Here are the parts the Service Bulletin Requires. As you can see, it's a little different.

Engine Oil Filter 15208-9E000 1
Drain Plug Washer 11026-01M02 1
Secondary Timing Chain 13028-ZK01C 2
Tensioner Shoe 13097-ZK01C 2
O-Ring, Front Cover 15066-2Y510 2
O-Ring, Front Cover 15066-5E510 2
Crank Shaft Seal 13510-7Y000 1
ThreeBond 1217F (sealant) 999MP-1217FPP (1) (2)

Oh, and i didn't have to pay a penny. I know some of you paid $15.60 for the oil change.

Oh, and my reason for the dealership visit was the Fuel Sending Unit going bad at 35,150 miles, and a suspected vibration coming from the transmission, which i'm guessing is coming from the soon to be dead clutch.

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SO how did he know it was bad but there was no whine?
I heard no whine, but apparently they did.

They may just be collecting $$ from nissan, because it's a known problem and i think they have replaced a belt and a tensioner on my truck.
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