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Replacing/Rekeying Door Lock

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My key just flat out does not work in my door. It fits but does not turn. It may be defective or maybe the previous owner rekeyed the ignition and not the door. I cant find ANYTHING on how to remove the lock cylinder or how to rekey it.
Has anybody experienced this or know anything about the door lock cylinders?
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Guess I forgot to mention what gen. Its a '02. Pretty sure they have only one key because I think that i have used my key on the tailgate.
I have pulled off the door panel and messed with the linkages in there to check if its the tumbler or the mechanics, it was the tumbler. But I could not see (or feel) any clips so thats why I ask. Before going through the hassle of taking the panel off again I was trying to do my research first.
Do you regularly use a remote? Most who do never unlock with the key so the lock mechanism rusts, and a shot of WD-40 should fix it. I never use my key, but I did once and it was "frozen."
I got the truck only a couple months ago and it hasn't worked since I got it so i have always used the remote. The pins do not feel rusted/sticky when i put the key in.
I dont want to shoot any WD40 into it anyways though because WD40 is not good for locks. It is not a lubricant. It lubricates immediately but then evaporates and makes the pin action worse.
There should be a clip holding the cylinder onto the door and may be facing up (not easy to see)...You have an inspection mirror to get in there? Unless they changed the design though and perhaps it uses a large nut instead, but either way should be able to remove it. Maybe somebody has a FSM they could share that page...

I have a FSM, doesn't mention anything even close to the topic. Lame.
I'm planning on fixing it one way or another over Christmas though. I will report back. .....with pictures too maybe.
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