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Ok this is a truck i got about a month ago at most. The front drivers side had been wrecked. So i had to replace the radiator support, and a few other small things. The drivers inner fender well was smashed in a little bit too. Basically i had to use a grinder with cut off wheel, grinder wheel, and a drill with titanium bit. I drilled out the welds, then ground off any remaining sections of weld. Then used the cutoff wheel to cut away large portions of the support. Once i had it all off, i bent everything back into place, and ground off any remaining chunks. The inner fender well i beat underneath with a large ballpin hammer, to help straighten it out and move it about 1" forward. Had a couple other small areas to straighten back out too. I used self tappers to mount the radiator support. Didnt turn out perfect, but it came as close as its gonna get. And for $800 trade value from a friend, and he had already bought all the new parts, and its in great shape other than that, and has about 150K on it. I think i made out pretty well.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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